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Lake Naomi Club

Lake Naomi is a great place for families, a wonderful place to get away, spend the week- or the summer! This 5 Star Platinum Club Community has it all- pristine lakes, beautiful pools, kayaking, fishing, an amazing array of recreational activities to choose from- all nestled within a naturalistic atmosphere. You have all the beauty of nature, all the sounds and sights of a lush forest everywhere you travel within the Lake Naomi Club grounds- with all the modern conveniences and a great locality. You won’t miss a thing, from high speed WiFi, to tons of eateries, everything is right at your fingertips no matter how rustic-looking the atmosphere seems. Nature combines with high tech and ultra convenience seamlessly. Clean, sleek, and well run, I easily could wile away many days there with my kids.

The community seemed to be just that. People were friendly, and everyplace I went, residents were introducing themselves to me, saying hello, shaking my hand and asking my name. The staff was friendly, helpful, and sweet.

My husband, grandmother (age 80), and two kids came with me to Lake Naomi. While I went to visit the property, my husband, grandma, and kids wanted to swim in the indoor pool at the Clubhouse.
(The clubhouse, by the way, also has a game room, several children’s centers, snack bar, gym, and quite a few classes and teams for adults, kids, teens, and combined.)

We toured Timber Trails, which had been the original property, before it “married” Lake Naomi. Now the two properties’ residents can go to all the vicinities of each other- but they do retain their own unique identity, as any good marriage should. Lake Naomi is just beautiful, and has lovely property. With about %15 year round residents, the rest are summer or vacation homes and rentals.

The lake was everything you could want- clean, clear- and without biting flies or mosquitoes that make you want to pack it up and head home. There is kayaking, sailing, and fishing available, as well as swimming lessons for the beginner through the advanced looking to improve technique.
You can take lessons in just about anything you enjoy, want to learn, or want to improve- and the best part?
These classes are offered and taught by professionals, golf pros, tennis pros, etc- so you will only learn from the best.

If you are athletic, Lake Naomi will feel like heaven to you- they have golf courses, tennis courts, state-of-the-art gyms, pools and swimming lanes, the aforementioned kayaking and sailing, trails to run, hike, or walk on (depending on your desires)- I can keep going, but I think you understand- Lake Naomi has it all! Even Bocci Ball 🙂

For those of you who prefer a gentler style, or who like to incorporate it into your life- tai chi and yoga are offered (including yoga on the beach- which I am so sad that I missed, I would have loved to do it) as well as Pilates and many other fun fitness styles like Zumba.
If you prefer things on the quiet, yet social side, there are groups like the Book Club and Quilting Group that you can meet up with. There truly is something for everyone.

Lake Naomi, one of the largest private lakes in PA, as well as being one of the cleanest and clearest, has seven beaches and nine marinas. You can visit a different beach every day of the week! There are no gas boats permitted, and the lakes have plenty of fish, which makes for a perfect day for canoeing and fishing alike, as well as for relaxing. There are three swimming pools, including the heated one that is lakeside and hosts some spectacular views, one indoor, and 2 water slides. There are kid-only activities, as well as kids summer camp.

We spent the afternoon on the lake’s beach, and then went off to the pool at Timber Trails. My kids, grandmother, husband, and I had a wonderful day at a wonderful place. I hope you get to visit sometime soon. If you are looking for that “special someplace” to spend your summers, I would highly consider Lake Naomi as a destination. It’s the perfect mix of recreation, relaxation, and family.

This article was submitted by Samantha of Have Sippy Will Travel

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  FeelsLike Heaven wrote @

We have a vacation rental in Lake Naomi and absolutely love it there! We’ve lived in NYC our entire lives and never knew that such a great place existed so close by. We agree Lake Naomi has everything… even bocci ball. 🙂

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